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Latest update : 11 April 2011.

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Monday 11 April 2011, by briandx // Summary and context

This project focuses on the use of the seismic ambient noise to monitor slight changes of properties in the solid Earth. The implications are the detection of change of strain at depth with applications in different contexts. A major field of application is the monitoring of potentially dangerous structures like volcanoes or active fault zones. The project includes new methodological developments, massive processing of existing data and field experiments. Applications in regions (...) Read more »

State of the art and objectives

Monday 11 April 2011, by briandx // Summary and context

During the last two decades, the development of satellite based geodetic methods revolutionized geophysical observation by continuously monitoring the Earth surface. This led to several important discoveries that brought to light complex time-dependent and space-variable behavior underlying solid Earth deformation in response to tectonic and volcanic forcing and to environmental changes. Further improvement of our understanding of these phenomena requires information about time-dependent (...) Read more »